Affordable Summer Fashion Trends

Posted by on Aug 2, 2014 in Fashion |

Following fashion tendencies can turn into an expensive habit when trying to look like your favorite celebrities. Moreover, giving that clothes and accessories go out of style so fast, you can end up investing significant amounts of money in outfits that won’t remain among designer’s preferences for a long period of time. Therefore, you should avoid wasting a small fortune on things that can go out of date very fast. Since summer will be here soon, we advise you to search for affordable summer fashion trends. Here are some ideas that might inspire you.

Rework your dress

  • Layering a skirt over dress

Famous designers have included the idea of wearing a fancy apron, which can be translated into layering a skirt over a dress. Although this might sound a little too much for those who like polished outfits with clean lines, it is one of the summer fashion trends that promises to stick with us for a while. Furthermore, following this trend shouldn’t cost you a dime, because all you have to do is search for a classic dress in your wardrobe, and adorn it with a skirt that features a geometrical pattern, or a floral skirt.

  • Slipping a dress over pants

Pairing cardigans, tees, tanks and jackets is one of the best tricks that we can use to achieve a fashionable, youthful look. Still, there are other combinations that we can use to look stylish. According to one of the most creative summer fashion trends, slipping a dress over pants will help you show a free spirit, and a strong personality. Therefore, designers encourage people to mix and match on the bottom, too, as you can get more use of the clothes that you already own.

Opt for an Artisanal theme

Based on the latest collections, there is a huge demand for Artisanal accents and regal outfits. Border designs and geometric motifs can add a majestic touch to a regular outfit, so if you want to look luxurious without spending too much money, we advise you to mix rich jewel colors with floral or geometrical patterns. Furthermore, embroidery, lace and jacquard fabrics can highlight the trend’s nature easily, and they can add beautiful texture to your outfit. So, you should use these materials to create an imperial look.

The Thrift Shop trend

This trend requires combining a stylish aesthetic with classic comfort, which means that you’ll have to use vintage-hued tones, kitschy prints, and fabrics like French terry and faded denim to follow this tendency. The key elements of the Thrift Shop trend are: the pencil skirt, the printed, full skirt mini-dress, the oversized coat and the shirt jacket.