Are there any dangers teenagers are exposed to during the prom night?

Posted by on Oct 25, 2018 in Fashion |

Teenagers consider that there is nothing more exciting than attending to prom. If you are a teenager, then you prepare yourself for this night for a long period. But, it is important you to be informed and to know that on the prom night the majority of adolescents are vulnerable to dangers. It is your role to protect yourself. It is important you to enjoy this moment, but you have to make sure that you will return home safe. The prom night is not only about dresses and tuxedos, it is also about substances abuse, car accidents and refuses. Because, yes, there are times when the person you think you have a connection with, comes accompanied by someone else to the prom, and you can experience your first deception. Here are some of the dangers you may expose yourself on the prom night, make sure you know how to handle them.

You can have unrealistic expectations

Teenagers invest a lot of money and time into their prom night, and they expect to receive a certain level of attention. But you should not think at this event like this, you should consider it your opportunity to have fun together with your friends. There are common the cases when teenagers get to one of the luxury treatment centers because they consider the lack of attention a traumatic event, they cannot handle. When people have a certain expectation and it is failed, they can easily become depressed.

You can make alcohol and drugs abuses

Everyone has heard a story about teenagers who got drunk and then they got in the car and caused an accident. There are even cases of adolescents who died because they suffered alcohol poisoning. This can be the first step of developing an addiction, and when someone suffers from an addiction, they have to enter the best luxury rehabs to break it. It is advisable to avoid drinking on your prom night. In case you will drink, you should ask someone who does not consume alcohol or drugs to offer you a ride home. Keep in mind that driving under the influence of substances is not only dangerous but it is also illegal. When you use drugs or alcohol, you are not able to control your reactions, and you may make a fool of yourself on your prom night.

You can have unprotected sex

There are great chances you and your friends to drink during the night, and when people drink too much, they consider tempting to have get involved into sexual activity with other people. Many persons state that they lost their virginity on their prom night, and they regret doing it. In case you will have unprotected sex, you expose yourself to STD and other health issues. Also, young female can get pregnant because of an unprotected intercourse they have on the prom night. This would be a devastating event for you and your future baby; you do not want to tell your child that they are a mistake.