Cool accessories you can easily create yourself

Posted by on Aug 22, 2017 in Beauty |

A cool accessory could redefine an entire outfit. Because of this reason, it is necessary to find the pieces that fit your personal style, are affordable and versatile. However, creating your own accessories is an option many tend to forget about. Also, storing them in cheap organza bags may be the best idea to create a more organized space in your bedroom. However, let’s find out more how one could create their own accessories by using simple and affordable supplies.

1. Necklace with ribbon

If you already have some beaded necklaces, you can simply update them by adding some pieces of ribbon as a new, more feminine fastening. However, if you don’t own such pieces, you can easily create some from scratch. You will need some beads, in a colour that you prefer, as well as a piece of ribbon in a colour or pattern that tickles your fancy. A great chromatic combination is beige beads and black ribbon, offering more class than any other colour combinations. Begin to insert your beads on the piece of ribbon and secure each of them by tying a knot before and after each one. Proceed like this until you reach the desired dimensions and there you have it, a brand new piece of jewellery create with your own hands and a minimum investment.

2. Broche ribbon necklace

Transform your inexpensive costume accessories in an instant by using some pieces of ribbon. For instance, the inexpensive broche you can find around the house can be easily secured on a piece of ribbon. You can easily create a two-strand ribbon and broche necklace in an instant, with minimum investment. Only make sure to pick a ribbon that chromatically fits the ensemble.

3. Bracelet broche

This may be one of the simplest DIY jewellery pieces that exist. Measure a piece of ribbon so it fits your hand and simply tie it around your wrist. Then attach a broche on the piece of ribbon and you have a simple and classy piece of jewellery that you created yourself. This is yet another fun and affordable idea you could invest your time in.

4. Ribbon watchband

If you have a watch that is working wonderfully, but it misses its band, you can easily transform it by using a piece of ribbon. If you like, you can wrap a loner piece of ribbon multiple times on your wrist for a great effect. Make sure to pick a sturdy piece of ribbon. The great thing about this little project is that you can easily replace the ribbon whenever you like or get bored of the current one with a minimum investment.

5. Penny and ribbon broche

If you are running out of ideas on how you could update your wardrobe, a fun and affordable broche may be the answer. Simply tie a beautiful bow out of a piece of ribbon and with hot glue gun attach n its front a penny, and on its back a security pin. Ta-da!