DIY Simple Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Posted by on Feb 27, 2015 in Fashion |

Long hair is a great advantage if you think of all the hairstyles you can achieve with it and it can make you look gorgeous on your wedding day. If you want to be elegant and sophisticated without arranging your hair in complicated ways, you can choose from many simple wedding hairstyles for long hair. A simple hairstyle and one of the trendiest 2015 hair color ideas and you’ve got yourself the perfect bridal look.

Curl your hair for an ethereal look

Curls are one of the easiest to achieve and simple wedding hairstyles for long hair that can make you look like a fairy princess. If you want loose curls, you can use a straightening iron and obtain a natural look while a curling iron or some curlers worn overnight can offer you more defined curls. With some hair mousse and a touch of hairspray, this hairstyle will last all day and all night. Beautify your look with a delicate hair pin, a pearl hairband or a precious tiara and you will certainly feel and look like a princess. In order to add texture to your hair, you should also consider some subtle highlights. According to the latest 2015 hair color ideas, the balayage hair coloring trend is getting mroe popular by the day.

Neither gathered nor left loose

The half up half down hairstyle is easy to obtain and has the charm of wearing your hair both up and down. You can either braid two strains of hair from both sides of your head or tease the hair on top of your head and secure it with a beautiful crystal pin, and the success of this hairstyle is guaranteed.

Braids give you a romantic feel

Braids are versatile hairstyles that are perfect for your wedding day because they give you a romantic aspect. Braided hair is a great way to add a touch of elegance and style to a hairstyle, especially if you have long hair. Braided buns are a good choice for a classic and elegant look, but equally impressive are the fishtail braids for a more casual look or twisted or braided strains of hair inserted in other hairstyles. If you are handy, you can easily raid your hair yourself in various styles, such as classic, french, fishtail or headband and you can combine the braids for extra beauty.

Ballerina bun

If you don’t want to wear your hair on your shoulders, the ballerina bun is a great idea if you are looking for simple wedding hairstyles for long hair and you can do it yourself with a little skill. Simply wrap your hair around a doughnut-shaped hair sponge and secure it into place with some hair pins. To make it more interesting, you can save a strain of hair, braid it and wrap it around the base of the bun.