Drug Abuse in the Fashion Industry

Posted by on Oct 27, 2018 in Fashion |

The picture painted by the fashion industry to all those watching from outside is the picture of excitement and glamour.  However, what lies behind that glamour can give you goose pimples.  The drug activity taking place behind the scene will make drug lords shiver.  Do not let this surprise you; the fashion industry is more or less a party and it is somewhat difficult to imagine a party without drugs. If you are in the fashion industry and doing drugs already, it is high time you escaped from the bondage before it ruins your career and life. You can always get in touch with specialists of holistic treatments for a complete resolution of the drug problem. The earlier you get free the better.

How rampant is drug in the fashion industry?

As hinted earlier, one can rarely separate between the fashion industry and drugs. However, not all those involved in the industry are using drugs. Many models, stylists, designers and others in the fashion industry have been reported to use drugs and the trend is rising by the day.

Kate Moss is a model and she was found snorting cocaine at a club in 2005. Donatella Versace, a designer, used cocaine for 18 years before announcing an end to her drug-filled years in 2005. She had to give up her drug-life because the associated, inevitable problems were already affecting, not only her but other members of her family.  In fact, it came to a point that her family and friends considered getting a professional help for her.

The challenge of breaking free

It is not easy to break free from drug use if you are in the fashion industry. For one, the industry seems to encourage it. And in places where it is not directly encouraged, they do not seem to care. Turning blind eyes to drug use is making it difficult for those who would want to be free to take that bold step; it may even influence those who may not be using drugs to venture into it and get hooked.  It is very difficult for many in the fashion industry to steer clear of drugs because drugs are highly accessible in the industry.


No matter how deeply you have sunk into drug use, you can always find get free. Maybe you should take a cue from Donatella Versace mentioned above, who quitted drugs use after 18 years of snorting cocaine! Nothing is impossible if you have the will-power, conviction, and determination.  You may not be able to help yourself, but you can find help at Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary promotes natural healing and you can get free from drug naturally at this outlet.