Fashionable hairstyles you can pull off with the help of ribbons

Posted by on Aug 22, 2017 in Beauty |

When it comes to witty hairstyles, many tend to think about braided hairstyles or intricate buns, or others from this sphere. However, by using simple elements, such as ribbons, you could create truly amazing hairstyles with less effort and with a greater visual impact. You can easily order amazing ribbons from web stores such as, and you will certainly create an amazing hairstyle, on a budget, with little to no efforts. However, below we have some amazing examples of hairstyle that involve ribbons.

1. Braided hairstyle with ribbons

Pick whatever style of braid that you can pull off or like. However, make sure that when you separate the strands of hair for your braided hairstyle, you insert some pieces of ribbon as well. Then, start braiding like you normally would. This hairstyle is appropriate for a number of occasions, from day-to-day hairstyles, to more elaborate and fancier occasions. For instance, you could insert ribbons in a bridal braid, as well as for your bridesmaids. This will offer unity to your wedding.

2. Ribbon bun

If you like your hair up and away from your face in these hot summer days, you may want to give a little twist to your basic bun. First, tie your hair with an elastic band and then tie a ribbon, slightly longer than your hair from the ponytail’s base. Then start twisting your hair like you usually do when putting your hair into a bun, secure the hairstyle with several bobby pins and a spritz of hairspray. Here you have it, a gorgeous hairstyle, appropriate for diverse occasions, from day-to-day circumstances, to corporate environments.

3. Half-up half-down hairstyles

Notorious because Brigitte Bardot was wearing it religiously, this hairstyle is a simple, yet effective one. You only have to curl the bottom half of your hair by using a large barrel curler. Afterwards, by using transparent hair elastic put half of your hair in a ponytail. Then, simply tie a bow out of a piece of ribbon at your preference, and you’re good to go. A touch of hairspray will assure you that your hairstyle will remain in place all day long.

4. Bow ballerina bun

Another simple and delicate idea to integrate ribbons into your daily hairstyles is by tying a bow at the base of a simple ballerina bun. As a start, place your hair into a sleek, high bun, and then tie a bow from a piece of ribbon in a pattern that you prefer, at its base. This simple and easy to pull-off hairstyle may be just perfect for a day at the college or at a girls’ gathering.

5. Simply use a ribbon as a hairband

This one doesn’t even require some explanations, because it is self-explanatory. However, regardless of the hairstyle that you prefer, place a piece of ribbon un your head and then tie it at the back of your head. Piece of cake!