How to Achieve a Prom Makeup for Brown Eyes

Posted by on Jun 3, 2014 in Fashion, Featured |

Girls with brown eyes tend to think they can use any color of eyeshadow although there are some rules they must follow in order to obtain a flattering makeup. If your school prom is getting close and you want to find out which is the most appropriate prom makeup for brown eyes, here are some tips and advice that can help you look beautiful.
Brown eye makeup should be done so as to intensify the color of the iris and to lighten the eyes. Choosing a certain shade can help you have a charming look or an expressionless look, therefore, when you decide on your makeup you should consider some aspects such as the shade of your eyes, your skin tone and the color of your dress.

Consider your eye shade and the color of your dress

Warm tones are ideal for a prom makeup for brown eyes. You can choose from a wide range of browns, chocolates and coffee browns. You can try gray or cream pearl, iridescent beige, plum and black color and if you like bluish, just choose metallic shades of blue or electric blue. For an evening makeup, any color with metallic tin is suitable from gold and bronze to copper and silver that will look great in combination with matte makeup. If you are bold and confident, you can also choose chic shades of green and orange. For hazel eyes, golden brown, greenish brown, beige and chocolate shades are the most appropriate colors that will make the eye look warmer and slightly exotic. You can also choose green eye shadow, but only dark shades or khaki and complete the makeup with a pair of long lashes and a brown lipstick.
Always consider the color of your dress when you choose your makeup. If you have a nude dress, you can go for strong and dark shades, but if, on the contrary, the dress is in a dark color, the makeup should be more discreet.

How to obtain a beautiful prom makeup

Begin your prom makeup for brown eyes by applying foundation and makeup base on the eyelids, then perfectly shape your eyebrows. Then apply a mineral powder under the eyes, so you can easily remove the shadow that falls when you start to make up the eyes. The next step is to use a light eyeshadow in the inner corners. Continue by applying an eyeshadow in a darker shade and highlight the brow line with golden shadow, and then outline the eyes with a black shadow. Complete your makeup with mascara or false lashes and then remove the powder under the eyes. Use a blush on the cheeks and a lip gloss and you are ready to have fun.