How to Dress On the Golf Course

Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 in Fashion |

Although you may like this or not, golf is a traditional game, which means that you must look like a serious golfer in order to be considered professional by other players. The way golfers dress is very important for showing how determined they are to boost their scores and to improve their skills. Golf apparel can help one take better swings and complete incredible shots. So, here is a guide that can help both men and women choose better clothes for golf.

Shirts and sweaters

Wearing a collared shirt will make you look presentable on the golf course, allowing you to impress everyone with your sense of style. However, if you don’t want to achieve an aspect that is too formal, you can opt for polo shirts, because they look more casual, even if they are collared. If you use a rangefinder, you should wear shirts with front pockets, so that you have a place at hand for storing the rangefinder. However, if you read the 2015 greatest rangefinder reviews and pick a very compact model, you can easily carry it in any pocket, event in your pant’s pocket. Therefore, we advise you to search for cotton polo shirts that can help you look elegant while allowing you to feel comfortable. Depending on the weather, you can wear an extra layer of clothes. Note that when adding a sweater over a sport shirt, the collar of the shirt must be kept in for a clean, polished aspect. Sweaters and windbreakers are more recommended for keeping you warm than bulky jackets, because they won’t affect your swing in any ways.

Pants, shorts and skirts

Depending on the golf course where you are planning to play, you might be asked to wear a pair of pants or slacks in order to be allowed to join the rest of the members. Furthermore, there are certain private golf clubs that won’t permit women or men to wear skirts or shorts, even during summertime. So, if you are wearing trousers, keep in mind to match them with your socks. However, if your club allows it, you can wear a nice pair of khaki shorts, or a skirt with a length that can make a lady look as classy as a pair of classic slacks. Just make sure that your shorts or your shirt have a pocket where you can store a a small notebook and a rangefinder. Fashion may be important on the golf course, but if you’re in it for the actual sport, the equipment is what really matters. If you don’t yet own a rangefinder, check out the 2015 greatest rangefinder reviews and choose the best one that you can afford. As a beginner, it helps if you write down conclusions on your shots so that you determine your average shot with each club. Without this information, a rangefinder is useless. So, make sure that your pants have pockets large enough for a small notepad and a rangefinder.


The first thing that you need to know about golf footwear is that it must keep you at the same level with the ground, so avoid shoes that come with large cushioned heels, such as sandals and running shoes. Furthermore, we advise you to opt for shoes that come with soft spikes, because they can cause less damage to the greens than shoes with metal spikes. Take note that a proper pair of shoes can keep you well anchored and balanced during your swing, so they are essential to your overall performance.