Interesting History of High Heels

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If you think about the history of high heels you’ll be surprised to see that they weren’t always an icon for feminism. Men used to wear high heels too – until they couldn’t compete anymore with women because women loved them more.

The beginning

In fact the inventor of high heels projected the high heels shoes to be used by men – specifically men of the Persoan cavalry in the 10th century. The high heels were supposed to help the warriors have more stability in they stirrups.

High heels as a status symbol

It’s interesting to see that men contributed to the spread of the high heels. Because they were worn by persian warriors and the persian army invaded many areas in Europe. They become a status symbol because they were associated with only long horses. It means that whoever worn high heels he had such horse, therefore he was wealthy and powerful.

The first woman who appreciated the high heels

Catherine de Medici was the women who played a very important role in the history of high heels. The high heels became popular no earlier than the 16th century thanks to her. Catherine de Medici was the fiancee of the Duke of Orléans. The duke of Orléans had a tall mistress that Catherine was very jealous of. Catherine came up with the idea to wear two inches heels to appear taller and to compete with her rival. She succeeded, no wonder that the trend spread quickly among women afterwords because a trend spreads more easily when it’s associated with a good story to tell.

No one can wear heels higher than the king

In the early 17th century king Louis the XIV of France worn heels high of 5 inches and decreed that no one can wear heels higher than the king. In his decree he also made a difference between common people and nobility.

Stiletto high heels

Once the French Revolution has started at the end of the 18th century, the high heels started to be considered not only a power icon but a sexy icon as well because they were associated with aristocracy. In 19th century they were very much appreciated and used, thanks to the invention of camera. There were photographers who liked to take pictures to naked women and they made them wear high heels during the photo shoot because they liked how the shoes model the female silhouette and shape of the feet and legs.


Soon after the World War II was over, the history of high heels took an interesting turn when the Stiletto heel was invented. The shoes basically didn’t have any limit anymore from then on. Shoes with platforms, shoes with slim high heels, shoes with invisible high heels – there is no limit as long as the shoe designer creates shoes that will elevate the stature of a woman.