Lovely Trends 2015 Fashion

Posted by on Jan 14, 2015 in Fashion, Featured |

Looking for some lovely trends 2015 fashion to inspire from? These are perfect highlights for you to guide your apparel. The japanese trend belts, the bare shoulders, the stripes pattern, the comfortable classy style, the over the knee boots, the gold temptation and patched jeans are some of the most appreciated trends this year.

Japanese trend belts

It’s up to you if you design your outfit to belong to the Japanese trend or you simply put a Japanese belt around your waist in order to make it trendy. It’s nice to accessorize your outfits with such belts because they will make you appear slimmer. Unless you’re wearing a baggy dress, everything else could go with a Japanese belt. Depending on the┬áplace you will put it on your waistline it will draw the attention exactly on top of it. If you have a generous chest you should position your belt as high as you can. If you have an hourglass silhouette a thick belt would look the best on you. If you want to highlight your little waist you should wear a thin pendant belt.

Bare shoulders, Stripes, Comfortable classy

The lovely trends 2015 fashion include bare shoulders, stripes patterns and the comfortable classy style. It may look weird to combine a colorful jacket with a pair of sport shoes but it’s a nice apparel for the times when you go to the gym for example. A long dangling dress that has some stripes patterns will help you hide all the weight excess and will give you an interesting look.

Over the knee boots

This year there are very much appreciated the over the knee boots. A.F. Vandevorst, Alexander Wang, Donna Karen and Marc Jacobs give us great examples of how can you have an amazing look while wearing these items. Over the knee boots are sexy, they make you look taller, they make your legs look longer and there are worn restrictively, which means that not anybody can wear them. You will need the appropriate attitude in order to wear some over the knee boots.

Gold temptation

The gold temptation is included in the trends 2015 fashion too. This trend is particularly inspired from the night birds apparel. Gold can be combined with black, loud colors or brown items.

Patched jeans

If you are more the sporty type then you will be happy to hear that this year the patched jeans are trendy again. For a nicer effect you make sure you wear them with trendy sporty shoes.