Mens Fashion Suits for Every Occasion

Posted by on Sep 22, 2014 in Fashion |

Any mens style blog will tell you that it is essential to have at least one quality suit in your wardrobe. No matter what turns fashion has taken, suits have always been trendy and elegant men’s wear and every designer has tried to come up with collections of mens fashion suits that will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding fashionable men. From office to elegant and casual, mens suits are perfect for every occasion and there is a wide range to choose from if you decide to go shopping. Here are some aspects you should consider when you look for a suit for a specific occasion.

Casual suits are appropriate for daily wear

According to more than one mens style blog, casual suits are making a comeback and they are no longer just suitable for office jobs. Many times, when you see a man in a suit, you think he is going to work or that he has a meeting, but actually men have started to wear suits even in their free time, when they go out with their friends. Mens fashion suits include a wide range of casual suits that are perfect for daily wear because of their light, yet elegant aspect. Men who want to be fashionable choose suits made of soft and unassuming fabrics, with slim fit coats with a single row of buttons and a cut and narrow lapel. The pants in a casual suit have a low waist, a cigarette tailoring and are cut slightly shorter than the business suits. It is important that the pants’ line stops when it touches the shoe because it’s a casual outfit that should make you feel comfortable. In addition, in many cases, casual pants are worn without socks, so that it why they should not hang over the footwear.

Office suits must be carefully chosen

For an office outfit, the suit is a great choice as it offers style, importance and elegance to whom wears it. Mens fashion suits you can wear at the office must be in dark colors because if you choose a white suit you will not be taken seriously. The shoes should match the suit’s color and the belt’s color, and the shirt should match the tie because an office outfit demands a tie and you should invest in a quality silk tie that will offer you a neat aspect. Every detail is important in an office outfit, as you must make a good impression, therefore, you should pay attention to the fabric of the suit, the color match of your accessories, the length of the shirt, the color of the socks and the body posture. It is best that you invest in a quality suit that will look good on you and will offer you a neat and classy aspect.

Evening suits should match your personality

Evening mens fashion suits should be chosen depending on your tastes as you don’t want to look stuffed. The elegant suit that is suitable for special occasions such as weddings, dinners or parties should be mainly black, but you can also choose a dark blue one and match it with the shirt and the tie. The cufflinks are the ultimate touch to a sophisticated wedding suit if you are a groom or a godfather, along with the handkerchief that gives you an elegant aspect. The details are very important, for example, with the evening suit you should only wear long socks almost to the knee because it is very ugly, when you sit down, to show hair on the tibia because of too short socks.