Must Have Fashion Items for the 2015 Spring-Summer Season

Posted by on Feb 2, 2015 in Fashion |

Fashion is in continuous change and new items show up on the runways every season. However, no matter how fashion evolves, there are must have fashion items you need to own in order to create fashionable and beautiful outfits. Here are some of the most important pieces that should not miss from your dressing in the spring of 2015.

Striped t-shirt

This apparently common item can save you in many situations. Combine it with a blue pair of pants or a fluffy skirt and some platform sandals and you are ready to rock the streets.

Flared trousers

This is one must have fashion item many women are glad to see coming back, as it offers a youthful and hippie air. Purchase a pastel pair and wear them in all sorts of combinations, with a cappuccino jacket and a white shirt, or try a denim pair that is suitable for every moment of the day.

Something in Marsala

Although this is not an item, but a color, Marsala is one of the stars in 2015 in terms of everything, from makeup to clothes and accessories. Opt for a lipstick in this shade or a bag or a sweater and you will surely be trendy and stylish. This color is very versatile and you can use it in amazing combinations, you just have to dare.

Sweater dress

This must have fashion item is perfect for chilly spring days and you can match it with a pair of high boots and you have a great and fashionable outfit.


If you want to be in trends, you must purchase a fringed item. Whether it is a skirt, a sweater or a bag, it must have fringes this year, as they became very popular among designers and they excessively used them in almost anything.

White dress

This year, the white dress has taken the place of the little black dress that saved you in any situation. Although it is a little more risky and you have to be careful not to brush up against anything, you can dare to choose this must have fashion item that looks extremely good with a pair of high-heeled shoes.

Suede skirt

The suede has been present in many collections on the runways and the suede skirt became a must have for the next season. As suede looks good in strong and light colors, forget the classic black or brown and go for bolder shades of purple, blue or orange. Combine it with a pale shirt and you will have a fashionable outfit.