Newest Fashion Trends

Posted by on Nov 3, 2014 in Fashion |

We present to you some of the newest fashion trends. This is how to wear a poncho, some clothing with stripes or with the gingham style in order to achieve a cozy feminine look. We didn’t forget about men either – we present to you one of the most appreciated urban styles for men.

Feminine Poncho

Poncho is a wonderful piece of clothing to have in your closet that can go with basically anything. If you are not too tall then you should wear the poncho with a pair of high heels. It’s a very comfortable item and you can find it in such a great range of colors and fabric textures. The key for incorporating a poncho in your outfit is to match its dominant colors with the colors of your outfit. The big question when you choose a poncho is – should it be simple or with tassels and fringes? The more elegant you want to look the simpler the model of the poncho must be.

Feminine Stripes

If you’re passionate about wearing stripes then hear some good news – they are back in trend. The newest fashion trends include wearing the stripes in ones of the most feminine ways. If you combine the stripes with some ruffles you will get one of the most interesting visual effects ever. Using a gap pattern with curvy stripes will give your outfit more dynamism. When used correctly, stripes create a slimming effect. Skinny girls can wear stripes of any size. On the other hand, women who have a few weight problems need to wear some vertical stripes patterns in order to appear slimmer.

Gingham Style

The newest fashion trends include the gingham style. It is very much appreciated this year. The thickness of the fabric may make your apparel look more elegant or more sporty. Choose some loose and vaporous clothes for any occasion if you want to look more glamorous.

Urban Style for Men

Did you think we forgot about men? Of course we didn’t. The newest fashion trends for men include interesting patterns and fabric textures. The business outfits include neutral colors with daring belts. Men are dressed following the smart casual style which fits everyday occasion to be worn – on the street, on a date or during an important meeting. It simply is one of the most versatile styles, that’s why it is so much appreciated this year.