Popular traditional outfits you need to know about

Posted by on May 8, 2017 in Fashion |

Fashion is constantly changing, never standing still. Designers find their inspiration in all sorts of places. They bring collections that are either inspired from the busy streets of incredible cities such as London or Paris or they go deep into the jungle of Amazon or the forests of Japan. Indeed, designers allow inspiration to come from all places, because that is how creativity functions. This year, trends have signalled something interesting as far inspiration is concerned. Culture and tradition have turned into incredibly inspiration sources and as it turns out, this year’s trends are very much influenced by traditional outfit such as closed abayas or even the incredible famous Kimono. Let’s have a look through some of the suggestions made by designers and perhaps you might find something you like.

The closed abaya

This outfit is an incredible enchanting display of beauty coming from the hot deserts of Arabia. This is the traditional outfit belonging to Muslim women. The beauty of these pieces of clothing is found in the message they send and in the way they have been conceived. While there can be simple abayas, coming in dark shades, there are those festive models, which have impressive lace details on the sleeves and lower margins of the outfit. The abaya has been welcomed in many designer collections and this year, this piece of clothing is part of its own trend.

The Japanese kimono

It is true that you might say that you have seen the kimono plenty of times before, on a catwalk of course. So what makes it special this year? Well, in all honesty, the Japanese kimono is such an impressive piece of clothing that it is almost impossible to completely disregard it. However, this year trends are filled with kimonos. This outfit is incredibly good looking, having beautiful patterns, colours and the fabric from which it is made is absolutely stunning.

The Italian giornea: reinterpreted

When it comes to fashion, Italy must never be forgotten. It would be a big mistake. This country, represented through its artists in the beginning and later on designers, has shaped the world of fashion, turning it into something marvellous. The giornea, a traditional Italian overcoat, dating as back as the Renaissance, is nor reinterpreted by fashion designers. The patterns impressively filled with colours and these, luckily, are maintained on the modern catwalks.  The giornea may now look different, but it is still stunning and lovely.