The Amazing French Fashion Style

Posted by on Aug 15, 2014 in Fashion |

One of the secrets of the French fashion style is to make your outfit look purposefully unpolished. A half-tucked in shirt, a few buttons undone or a pair of boots looking a bit unlaced are all keys to a trendy aspect. These tricks can make you look glamorous and sophisticated without making too much efforts. The french style is a great source of inspiration for girls who look for fashion advice for teenage girls, but also for women who look for timeless style ideas. So, here are some great ideas that will help you create a nice appearance in just a few minutes.

Focus on the right accessories

This is an essential fashion advice for teenage girls, as the younger women are, the more clueless they are to combining different accessories. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on clothes to look incredible, as you can create a fashionable appearance simply by using the right type of accessories. Furthermore, giving the fact that fashion trends change so fast, there is no point in investing money in something that will go out of style in just a few months. Therefore, we advise you to choose between the following types of accessories in order to create a stunning appearance.

  • Colorful head wraps

One of the biggest trends of this summer involves wearing beautiful turbans and head wraps. The more colorful these head accessories are, the better, as they have the role to highlight the exotic side of those who wear them. Match a floral head wrap with a simple white shirt or a shift dress, and you will be amazed with the results.

  • The wide brim hat

Among other elements that are specific to the French fashion style we can find the wide brim hat, an accessory that can make any boring outfit look spectacular. Besides protecting your skin from sunburns, this type of hat can be seen as a great accessory, especially since it can complement any type of clothing. Therefore, you can wear it with casual, sporty outfits, but also with silk, summer dresses.

  • Minimal adornments

Minimal accessories with subtle gold motifs can make anyone look very feminine and delicate. So, you should consider wearing bar necklaces and simple, elegant bracelets to complete your outfit.

Statement pieces

  • The turtleneck

If you want to inspire from the French fashion style and upgrade your look, we recommend you to reinvent your old clothes. Anyone has a turtleneck in their wardrobe, so it’s time to use yours in a creative way. Pair it with a circle skirt and a pair of oxford shoes or flats, and you are good to go.

  • The moto jacket

No matter what clothes you choose to wear when preparing to go out, put on a moto jacket to look cool and sophisticated. This fashionable item can add personality to any type of outfit, and it can make you feel invincible.

Look presentable at all times

You may have noticed that French women always look perfect, like dolls freshly taken out of their boxes. If you want to achieve the same level of perfection in your outfits, focus on the small details. For example, you may be wearing a superb dress, but it won’t matter if the dress in question has countless wrinkles. For this issue, we advise you to invest in a portable clothes steamer. The garment steamer will rid your clothes of wrinkles in the blink of an eye. The portable model is very light and can be stored anywhere in your home. Plus, as the name suggests, it is ideal for traveling. So the next time, you go on vacation, you might want to take a portable clothes steamer with you. After all, a vacation is no excuse for looking sloppy.