The Truth About 5 Skincare Myths

Posted by on Jan 18, 2017 in Fashion |

To say that there is an endless supply of health and beauty products on the market is indeed an understatement. There are literally tens of thousands of products that people can buy for health and beauty. The skincare arena is a big one. And with all those products comes a lot of misinformation about what it means to have healthy skin.

The people at CRUDE, a Salt Lake City personal care company, know all too well that some of the most pervasive myths of skincare actually prevent people from taking good care of their skin. To that end, they have put together a list of five skincare myths along with the truths everyone interested in healthy skin should know.

1. Proper Exfoliation Requires Scrubbing

People who know about healthy skin know that exfoliation is necessary to remove dead skin cells that lay on top of healthy skin in a layer that prevents that healthy tissue from thriving. Unfortunately, many people believe the myth that proper exfoliation requires scrubbing. Not only is scrubbing unnecessary, but it’s also actually unhealthy.

Scrubbing causes inflammation that can damage healthy skin tissue. A better option is to exfoliate daily with a product such as their detox mask. This product gently exfoliates using all-natural ingredients that soothe the skin, improve circulation, and protect against inflammation.

2. Cleansing More Than Once Daily Is Bad

Another popular myth is that cleansing the skin multiple times per day is bad. It is only bad when you use harsh soaps containing certain kinds of chemicals. And by the way, not all soaps are bad. Consumers just have to pay attention to what their soaps contain. According to CRUDE, however, there is a better way. Their Everything Oil is 100% all-natural facial oil for natural cleansing without harsh chemicals.

3. Dry Skin Is the Cause of Wrinkles

As we age, we naturally develop wrinkles and sagging skin. However, it is not true that dry skin causes wrinkles. Sagging and wrinkling are a direct result of a loss of elasticity due to the body not producing as much collagen as it used to. That is not to say that moisturizing is not important (it is) but rather that sagging and wrinkles are better addressed through skincare products that promote collagen production.

4. Healthy Skin Requires a Lot of Water

It is true that your skin requires a proper amount of hydration in order to be healthy. But drinking 20 glasses of water per day is not the right way to go. In fact, drinking that much water will likely result in nothing more than excessive urination. As long as your urine is clear, you’re already getting enough water. Hydrate your skin by using an all-natural moisturizer like CRUDE Everything facial oil.

5. Reducing the Size of Pores Makes for Healthier Skin

The size of a person’s pores is determined primarily by genetics. In otherwise healthy people, it’s not possible to significantly reduce the size of the pores by way of skincare products. And even if it were possible, it wouldn’t be healthy. Pores are not nature’s mistake. They exist on our skin because they are necessary. Having said that, daily cleansing designed to keep the pores clean and unclogged promotes healthy skin.

CRUDE has developed a line of 100% all-natural skincare products designed to help you achieve and maintain healthy skin. From their Everything facial oil to their daily detox mask, CRUDE is committed to helping people maintain beautiful, healthy looking skin at every age. They believe in doing so by addressing the truths of skin and skincare rather than helping to promote the myths.