Top products for growing a full, thick beard

Posted by on Jan 26, 2017 in Fashion |

As facial hair continues to remain one of the iconic symbols of masculinity, men continuously try to accomplish a full, luxurious beard. For that, investing in specialized products remains the main solution. However, the process of finding what the best beard growth products are remains a difficult one, with so many options on the market. However, the large audience seems to enjoy using certain solutions, for both growing their facial hair as well as maintaining it healthy and beautifully groomed. For finding out more about these products, you can continue reading below and see what your alternatives are.

1. Alma Oil, a natural product for beard growth

As you might have already guessed, products helping with hair growth in general also help with acquiring that beautiful beard you always wanted. Alma Oil, an ingredient used in treating a series of hair loss conditions, also proves itself quite useful in enhancing facial hair. A natural element based on fatty acids, it is also helping with itchy, dry skin, an effect of growing a luxurious beard. And besides its fantastic effects on facial hair, it is quite easy to apply, too. You only have to put a generous amount on your palms, massage it very well on your chin skin, until fully absorbed, wait somewhere between twenty minutes and one hour, and then wash and cleanse your beard well, massaging. Also, a great effect on beard growth has massage as well, because it increases blood circulation in the area. Moreover, being a natural ingredient, it has no side effects reported until now.

2. Castor oil, preserving moisture for a longer period

Widely known for its benefits for hair growth, castor oil might help those searching for natural products for their beard accomplish a thicker, fuller and healthier one. Because it has the ability of storing moisture a lot easier than other products, it creates the appearance of thicker hairs. Also, since it is a heavier oil, it maintains a healthier skin as well. Because when growing your beard ingrown hairs tend to appear, you can use this particular oil (heated is even better, because it helps with hair growth) in combination with exfoliating ingredients. This will make your beard grow even and more appealing.      

3. Peppermint essential oil, scientifically proven effective

With action on micro vascular systems, this essential oil has the ability of inducing beard growth by 3%. And this is scientifically proven. Because it increases blood flow in hair follicles, the growth process is faster, and more effective. Also, hair replacement takes places faster as well, without the interval between shredding and growth usually implied. With visible results in about two weeks, many claim to be one of the best solutions for growing a full beard. Therefore, no matter how common this oil is, it surely is worth your attention.

4.  Beard growth serums and conditioners, a mix of natural, efficient ingredients

As men try to improve the appearance of their beards, manufacturers in the beauty field also try to develop products helping with this matter. This is the reason many have found that certain combinations of vitamins and natural oils enhance facial hair, making it grow faster and fuller. For example, certain serums and conditioners are an efficient mix of Vitamin C, Argan Oil, Biotin, Beta Sisosterl, Red clover extract, Kopyroll, Castor Oil and other ingredients, all of them contributing to hair growth, combined having an amplified effect. Also, beard conditioners help with the purpose of having a hydrated beard and skin, making the process of growing one, highly enjoyable. Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Olive Oil are only few of the main ingredients of natural beard conditioners, all of them helping men around the world accomplish stunning beards. Also, certain companies in the field developed volume serums, helping patchy beard owners gain the necessary volume on problematic areas. These products require a little more study, trails, and specific formulas for meeting user’s necessities. However, from the products available on the market currently, only few have proven effects.

Acclaimed by both men and women, having a beard seems nowadays a measure of masculinity and social status. Although many tend to minimize its impact on men, having a beard is indeed a confidence booster, because it helps in enhancing positive facial traits, elongating and thinning one’s figure at the same time. Plus, ladies love a man with a generous beard, too.