Trendy Mens Hairstyles for 2015

Posted by on Oct 21, 2014 in Fashion |

When it comes to fashion, nowadays men have evolved as much as women have, and invest as much time and money in their appearance as women do. Although style and fashion should be adapted to everyone’s tastes and personality, there are some trends that are imposed in terms of clothing, accessories, make-up and even hairstyle. In order to be fashionable, here are some trendy mens hairstyles that are worth to try.

The undercut style

This is a rough style with a shade of the 20s, with short hair on the sides and a lot of volume on the top of the head. It is suitable for many face shapes, although you should try not to let too much hair waving as it can make your face look rounder, which is not necessarily a good thing. If you have curly hair, the effect obtained with this hairstyle is more impressive.

Side parting

Trendy mens hairstyles with a retro aspect are very cool this year and very simple to achieve. All you need is a comb and simply arrange your hair on one side. With a little hair gel, you can obtain a more upper-crust charm.

Elegant hairstyle

The most trendy mens hairstyles in 2015 are the sharp and neat ones that show elegance and class. Perfectly arrange your hair by laying it back and make sure your sideburns are flawlessly groomed and you will obtain a David Beckham look, which women love.

Long hair

Long hair is back in business in 2015, although it is not suitable for everyone and you should avoid it if you have thick and dense hair as arranging it can be very time-consuming. The secret in maintaining long hair in a good shape is caring for it and regularly seeing a hairstylist for a haircut to prevent split ends. You will also need a good shampoo and conditioner or a leave-in treatment that won’t load your hair and make it look clogged. If your hair is neither long nor short, you should see a hairstylist for some professional advice on how to pass this transition stage.

Simple hairstyle

Short hair with a little more length along the hairline is a very modern and versatile hairstyle that can be worn every day. Longer and looser hair are also very popular and are not very demanding when it comes to styling.


Bangs or fringe worn in a sophisticated way instead of shaggy and messy are one of the most trendy mens hairstyles for 2015. Cover your forehead and wear your hair slightly on one side to obtain a slick image.