Very Short Haircuts for Women

Posted by on Nov 11, 2014 in Fashion |

In general women with elongated faces look good with any type of haircut, but don’t worry if the nature didn’t give you such feature – there are many haircut tricks that you can apply in order to make your face seem longer. You simply need to style your hair in a manner that will highlight your beautiful facial features and cover the not so shiny ones. Having a lot of volume on top, long sideburns, or short bangs will make you look even prettier than you already are. In most cases the haircut is not everything – the hairstyle is highly important as well.

Sporty type

If you like to wear more sporty clothes then a short haircut that you can style in a sporty manner will look very good on you.

Smart casual

Express your personality with this short haircut that has short sides and long back and front. This will highlight your chin and it will give your head more height. The longer hair on the neck for a short haircut works wonderful for you if you have light colored skin and light colored hair. Highlights are also great for this type of haircut as they create texture. If you want to learn what types of hair colors are best suited for your haircut as well as your skin tone, we advise you to visit a professional hair coloring website. There, you will find all the inspiration necessary for turning a plain short haircut into a fabulous haircut worthy of the red carpet.

Cool look

If you’re aiming for a cool look you must choose a haircut that will have extremely short sides with long front. You can play with your long fringe – the more volume it will have, the more rebel you will look. If you dye your hair in different tone colors the cool effect will be even more intense.

Natural curly short hair

Very short haircuts for women who have curly hair may make them look very special. You will have an angelic look especially if you style it with a little good quality hair product that will keep your curls intact.

Longer curly short hair

If you want to have longer curly bangs you can go to a hair salon and let the professionals take care of your look. These haircut and hairstyle will highlight all the features of your face, so unless you have perfect eyes, lips chin, cheekbones and a long neck, you should choose other type of haircut which is not so demanding.

Basic short haircut

All very short haircuts for women start from this basic short haircut. You can have your hair thinned in order to be able to style it more easily and reveal your lovely face features. You can keep your ear covered or uncovered – the uncovered ear will frame your face more as long as you keep your sideburns long enough.